Iphone2014 238

As I mentioned earlier today the Extremist has released 712 tarpon for the year as of August 31st. Both Capt. Juan Carlos Torruella and Capt. Angel Rodriguez have had some excellent days in the summer, including some great night trips. Capt. Angel had a great night trip on July 1st catching 4 tarpon up to 80 pounds in weight out of 13 bites! Capt. Juan had a great trip on August 8th releasing 2 big tarpon out of 7 bites with the biggest measuring out at 90 pounds! Capt. Angel had a great trip on August 7th releasing 12 tarpon and Capt. Juan had the best trip of the summer in San Jose Lagoon releasing 17 tarpon in a four hour trip on August 27th. The fall season looks good for San Jose Lagoon with lots of school sized tarpon patrolling the waters already! September and October are great tarpon months so come ‘on down!!! Tight lines, Capt. Juan.